Book Review: Sidetracked by Diana Harmon Asher

by | Aug 30, 2021 | Book Review | 0 comments

Seventh grade is not an easy year… for anybody. The main character of Sidetracked, Joseph, is starting seventh grade, and he struggles with worrying too much and attention deficit disorder (ADD), making middle school an even bigger obstacle. However, seventh grade may be different for Joseph as he joins the cross country team and meets Heather, the new girl. With a new team and new friends, seventh grade may not turn out the way Joseph was expecting. Still, that doesn’t mean that there are no more worries for Joseph; he must face bullies, French class, and new things to fear.

Sidetracked was a pretty good book. I thought the book was funny and cute, and I enjoyed the message. I liked the personalities of the characters, and I enjoyed how the author described Joseph’s emotions. The book’s plot line was not the most exciting, and the story had little suspense, but I still enjoyed the read as I liked the calm flow and was able to see Joseph develop as a character. I also liked how I could relate with Joseph in certain situations. Overall, I thought Sidetracked was an amusing and pleasant story. I would recommend this book to middle school and high school students for a fun, casual read.

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Rating: 4/5 stars

Reviewed by: Sarah (15) of MNHS