Teen RPG Club

Gather round and let us tell you a tale. A tale of warriors and wizards, of vampires and werewolves and fearsome foes …

We are a group dedicated to role-playing games (especially Dungeons and Dragons) and story telling. Role-playing is a phenomenal way of teaching teens to coordinate and work as a team, problem-solving, social and coping skills, ethics, and to practice basic mathematics.

We are currently running our games in a hybrid method, with one game a week in-person, and one game virtual.

D&D is BACK!

 Currently we are offering two (2) D&D campaigns for our teen patrons ages 12-18. On Mondays we are in in the Library, playing face-to-face from 5pm-7pm. Wednesdays we are playing virtually on Discord. If you would like to join either game please email our Teen Librarian, Amber, here and she will be more than happy to help you build a character!

Our group meets every Monday 5pm-7pm (in Library) and Wednesday from 7pm-9pm (on Discord)

D&D Themed Parody Song

Check out this awesome D&D themed parody song that one of our Tweens wrote! 

D&D is STEM?

Dungeons and Dragons is a fun way for teens to interact with one another, build social skills, practice math, strategy, communication, empathy, and problem solving. It has proven to be an asset to teachers and parents in improving critical thinking, collaboration, and mathematics.

 In addition to many recorded academic benefits, such as those listed in this article for KQED ( How ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ Primes Students for Interdisciplinary Learning, Including STEM) there are many Mental Health benefits to the game as well. Teens are able to express themselves assertively, explore ethics and morals, and build their self-confidence in a safe space. It also reinforces the concepts of turn-taking, patience, active listening and impulse control (as described in this article by Child Therapist Katie Lear


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