Teen Advisory Board

Be a voice for your community and help us build it better together!

The Teen Advisory Board (or TAB) is a collection of dedicated teen volunteers who collaborate with library staff to plan events, develop programing, and participate in community service projects to benefit the library and ensure that it is representative of the values of all its patrons. Giving teens a voice in how they want their library to run and what resources they want to see.

Be a voice for your peers!

 All you need to become a member of our TAB is to be between 12-18 years old, have a love of the library, and be dedicated to working together with staff and other library affiliates to benefit the library community.

The TAB meets every 3rd Monday each month from 7pm-8pm

Benefits of Joining TAB

Teen Advisory Boards/Groups are a great way for teens to interact with their library and community, to learn leadership, event planning, communication, collaboration, and how to become active, engaged citizens. It also offers an opportunity to learn work-space skills, and to practice empathy in connecting with the people in your local community.

By giving teens a space where they can have a voice and make decisions about how they want to impact their community it gives them ownership of that space and allows them to build confidence in themselves, their ideas, and in the community that they help strengthen. This ensures that their values are recognized and implemented in the library space. This in turn can also lead to stronger connections to the library as they grow into adulthood.