World Government

Homework Help – World Geography and Government

Includes full color physical and political maps, as well as information on each country’s history, climate, religions, military and more.

Cyberschoolbus – United Nations
A great site with curriculum links and statistical information on UN countries. Also a source for information on the United Nations.

CIA World Factbook
Search the World Factbook to find up-to-date statistical information on UN countries. It is also a great source of information on the United Nations.

Country Information
Choose a country to locate basic information on government, geography, population, and economy. Also includes a basic map of the country and an image of the flag. To obtain additional in-depth information, you must be a subscriber.
Includes basic economic, geographical, governmental, and historical information about each state. Also includes links to images of the state symbols.

Flags and Maps of the World
View national flags and maps for countries of the world. This site also includes statistical and currency information.

Outline Maps – Education Place
Contains printable .PDF versions of country and regional maps. A great classroom resource!

The Natural Wonders of the World
Take a virtual international field trip to some of the world’s most stunning natural wonders. The trip includes stops at Ayer’s Rock in Australia, the Grand Canyon, Krakatau Island in Indonesia, and more.