New Biography & Memoir

  • My Vanishing Country: A Memoir by Bakari Sellers
  • Fairest : A Memoir by Meredith Talusan
  • The Inevitability of Tragedy: Henry Kissinger and His World by Barry Gewen
  • Officer Clemmons : A Memoir by Dr. Francois S. Clemmons
  • Hell and Other Destinations: A 21st Century Memoir by Madeleine Albright
  • The Lady’s Handbook for Her Mysterious Illness: A Memoir by Sarah Ramey
  • Lady Romeo: The Radical and Revolutionary Life of Charlotte Cushman, America’s First Celebrity by Tana Wojczuk
  • Wiving : A Memoir of Loving Then Leaving the Patriarchy by Caitlin Myer
  • Filthy Beasts: A Memoir by Kirkland Hamill