Homework Help – History


Best of History Web Sites
An award-winning site for both students and teachers, this site indexes and links to over 1000 history sites covering a wide variety of historical eras and events. Most appropriate for grades 6-12.

This Day in History
Produced by the History Channel, find out what happened on your birthday 100 years ago!


America’s Story
The Library of Congress presents America’s Story from America’s Library. View documents, prints, photographs, and maps. Listen to recordings and songs from the past. Watch a Krazy Kat cartoon and explore America’s history through fun, interactive activities.

American Memory for the Library of Congress
Contains digital pictures, films, and recordings from the Library of Congress that document important moments in American history.

Archiving Early America
View digital images of important documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This site also includes short biographies and images of important figures in early America, and crossword puzzles to test your newfound knowledge.

Civil War for Kids
A site produced by students for students. Includes a timeline, short biographies, information on children during the civil war and more!

Colonial Kids
This site will take you back to the colonial days. What type of clothing did colonial people wear? What did they eat? What was school like back then? This site will help you answer these questions and more.

Colonial Williamsburg
A beautiful and comprehensive site. Meet the people, view the places, and experience the music of Colonial Williamsburg.

The Gold Rush
Contains a link to classroom resources. Also contains a brief, but informative overview of the Gold Rush.

Liberty’s Kids
A fun site based on the hit show. Learn the history of the American Revolution through games and interactive play.

Pioneer Life in America
What would it have been like to be on a wagon train crossing the prairie? This site, created by two fourth graders, explores the hardships of traveling West. Short biographies of famous pioneers, such as Daniel Boone and Calamity Jane, are also included.

Mayflower History
Geneology and history combine on the site which includes information on history, passengers, and documents of the Mayflower.

Salem Witch Trials- Discovery School
Explore this unique moment in American history by learning about the people and times behind the event. Teachers, this site also contains lesson plans and teaching tools.


BBC History for Kids
A fun, interactive site that explores historical eras important to Europe’s history. Appropriate for K-5.

KidsClick! World History
Contains a wide variety of links to kid-friendly world history sites.

History for Kids
Contains information on ancient world history written specifically for kids.

Learning About the Holocaust
Produced by the National holocaust Museum, this site includes information for teachers, as well as sections on children and the holocaust, Nazi rule, and the rise and fall of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany, 1933-1945. This site is most appropriate for middle school aged children.

Medieval Siege
Build your own trebuchet and try to knock down a castle wall! Explore what life was like in a medieval castle.

Explore the cultures and history of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Africa, Ancient Americas, and the near East.