Book Review: Watch Over Me by Nina LaCour

Through the climactic story going in depth into the life of the main character, Mila, Nina LaCour creates a breathtaking, but emotional story of Mila’s past. This complex story dives into the line between comparison and reality and exhibits lessons that can be compared to our everyday lives. The story keeps the reader intrigued and draws in attention to the conflict and indecisiveness present in the main character. LaCour delivers an entertaining, yet lesson-learning novel to the audience.

Memories from the past continue to haunt Mila and bring her trauma, but self-discovery. Her lonely lifestyle eventually opens up and brings her a new lifestyle. Mila’s mindset throughout the story is self-degrading and negative, until she learns otherwise. These lessons can be applied to our reality and everyday lives by expressing the importance of motivation and self-confidence. Mila eventually learned these lessons herself and applied them to her own life. Her new ways of desire and encouragement allowed her to receive job offers and a new home, creating her an escape from the foster care system.

This emotion-packed novel creates a sense of feeling throughout the audience. The story is very well paced and connects to the reality we live in. The details throughout the novel are so secure and allow the reader to depict an image of the scenes in their head, as if it were a play happening right in front of you. Unfortunately, the novel includes themes of abandonment and loneliness which might not be the best for children to read. This novel does not include many flaws and it is highly recommended.

Available: Electronically via Hoopla

Rating: 4/5 stars

Reviewed by: Giovanna (16)

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