Book Review: Stupid Fast by Geoff Herback

Stupid Fast was a great read! The story takes place in Wisconsin through the first-person point of view of a high school boy named Felton Reinstein. Felton used to be an awkward, short kid that everyone teased and called names like Squirrel Nut. After his growth spurt, however, Felton became big and fast with great potential to become a sports star. Still, even after Felton’s popularity grew, few of Felton’s problems were resolved. Felton continued to face challenges with dissolving friendships, strained relationships with his mother and brother, jealous teammates, a new girl in the neighborhood, and the constant internal fighting in his own mind. It turns out that being a jock is not enough to solve it all.

I enjoyed reading Stupid Fast. The book had a casual tone, which made it interesting and different from most books that I have read before. I thought the book was funny and very amusing. Furthermore, Stupid Fast explored many important themes on life, family, growing up, self-identity, passion, love, and friendship. I loved how the author portrayed Felton, as it made the story feel realistic and as if I could put myself in Felton’s shoes. I would recommend Stupid Fast to any teen or high schooler, regardless of whether they are into sports or not.

Available: Electronically and Physically in the Library

Rating: 4/5 stars

Reviewed by: Sarah (15) of MNHS

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