Book Review: Four by Veronica Roth

Are you a fan of Veronica Roth’s novel Divergent? Then you will also devour her book Four! This book delves deeper into Tobias’s story and will reveal more of his past. Four is a collection of shorter stories from Tobias’s perspective. Three stories take place before Tobias met Tris, describing his life before, during, and after Dauntless initiation. The final section of the book lines up with the book Divergent. The last story occurs around the time of Tris’s Dauntless initiation, and the book concludes with other short scenes involving Tris. Throughout the book, Tobias develops as a character through his experiences and as he makes new friends and enemies.

It is good to note that you do not need to read the whole Divergent trilogy to read Four; you only need to read the first book Divergent to understand Four.

I found Four to be an excellent read, especially since I was interested in Tobias’s interesting and complex character. Although Four did not have a lot of suspense or action, I thought Four was very cool to read and as good as Divergent. The connections and parallels with Divergent made Four very intriguing and fun to read. I liked how I could learn more details about Tobias’s past in depth, and I thought the author did a splendid job developing Tobias’s personality in this book. I recommend Four to any reader that loves the book Divergent and is curious to learn more about Tobias.

Availability: Electronically and Physically in the Library

Rating: 5/5 stars

Reviewed by: Sarah (15) of MNHS

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