Homework Help – Biography

Academy of Achievement
Famous achievers from the arts, business, public service, science and exploration, and sports fill the Achiever’s Gallery on this site. Students can find biographies, profiles, and recorded interviews with each entrant.

America’s Story – Library of Congress
Contains short biographies about “Amazing Americans,” generally important historical figures. Also includes a photo of and links to more stories about the subject. A colorful site that is best suited for gradeschoolers.

This site includes short biographies on a wide variety of interesting people, including contemporary figures.

Biographical Dictionary
This site notes that it “covers more than 28,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day”

The Biography Maker
Interested in writing a biography? This site will help you “convert facts into insights, dull and boring information into fascination and magic.” A very helpful site.

BBC – Historic Figures
Links to biographies of the “movers and shakers of history.” Most biographies also include an image of the person in question. Best for middle school and high school students.

ESPN – Top American Athletes of the Century
Biographies and images of some of the best athletes of the 20th century are included on this site.

Presidents of the United States
Learn more about each of the presidents, from first to current, at this White House site. Also included is a link to biographies of all the first ladies.