Fun Stuff To Do Outside

By Seta Bardakjian

  1. Hiking- There is a really fun place I go to which is called Okehocking Preserve. It has creaks, picnic tables, and trails to go hiking. 
  2. Go on a bike ride
  3. Chalk- draw on your driveway.
  4. Jumprope 
  5. Rock painting- Go outside and find some nice rocks and paint fun designs on the rocks.                         
  6. Have a picnic- Go outside and lay a blanket or a tablecloth bring your favorite snacks and enjoy
  7. Make an obstacle race- for example say you have to dribble the ball 5 times then jump 7 times and run in a circle 5 times then whoever finishes first wins. 
  8. Go for a scavenger hunt- for example make a list of stuff you have to find like 5 leafs, 4 flowers, 3 sticks, 2 rocks, and 1 bug and it can be a fun way to spend your time outside

Recommended Reads, by Seta B.










And Then There Were None 

This book is about people who go to Indian island to investigate a murder. What they do not know is that the murderer is with them. One after the other people are being killed and no one knows who the murderer is. This brings fear to the people and they start losing trust in each other and thinking that one of them could be the murder. Age you should read this book is 13 and older.

Five Feet Apart
It is a book about two people that love each other but they have a disease called cystic fibrosis which affects your lungs so they have to stand six feet apart at all times. Age you should read this book is 13 and older.
It is a book about a kid named Auggie Pullman and he was born with a severe facial difference. He is starting a school for the first time because he has been homeschooled all his life. Wonder starts off in Auggie’s point of you then goes to his sister, his friends, and others. This book is about all the struggles with differences and challenges the reader to wonder about the true nature of understanding, compassion, acceptance, friendship, and most of all kindness. Age you should read this book should be 9 and older.