5 Titles to Watch For This Month

This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens – Their lives began together, but their worlds couldn’t be more different. After thirty years of missed connections, they’re about to meet again…

The Arctic Fury by Greer Macallister –  A dozen women join a secret 1850s Arctic expedition—and a sensational murder trial unfolds when some of them don’t come back.

Take it Back by Kia Abdullah – One victim. Four accused. Who is telling the truth?

Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder by T.A. Willberg – In London’s secret tunnels far beneath the city streets a mysterious group of detectives recruited for Miss Brickett’s Investigations & Inquiries use their cunning and gadgets to solve crimes that have stumped Scotland Yard.

The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict – Historical fiction about Agatha Christie’s real-life mysterious 11-day disappearance in 1926.