Young Writer’s Club

Welcome to our *NEW* Young Writers club! This club is open to all teens and tweens ages 11-18.

Our first meeting will be October 3rd, 2018 and will be the first and third Wednesday every month.

Why a writing club?

Our teen programming specialist here at Marple, a woman by the name of Amber, fancies herself a writer. In fact, she went and got a degree to prove it! She wants to share her passion with you to help you tell your stories. In this club you will learn how to present your work to a group, how to fairly critique someone else’s work, and how to implement the criticism you receive. We will be a free and open space in the library and/or online for you to work on your manuscript. This club is perfect for those introverts who would rather stay home than come to the library.

To sign up email Amber at and she will send you a link to our shared Google Drive folder.