Teen Holiday Bake-Off

 Official Rules & Information

Who May Enter

Open to all patrons ages 12-18. Patrons may enter as individuals only and entries must be all the teens own work (minimal adult interference!)

How to Enter

Register at Circulation desk, via phone, or email mateen@delcolibraries.org

Please indicate the category or categories which you would like to enter (limit 1 submission per category, per patron). Contestants may enter one item in each category; however, can only win 1 prize.


Cookies – baked, no-bake, bars and brownies

Cake – layer cakes, sheet cakes, cup cakes, and cake pops

Pie – sweet, savory, pocket pies, single or double crusts


Best in Show (1 Winner)
  • Trophy
  • Custom Bake-off Apron
  • Amazon Gift Card $25
First Place in Each Category (3 Winners)
  • Trophy
  • Custom Bake-Off Apron
  • Amazon Gift Card $10
Runner Ups (3 Winners)
  • Small Trophy
  • Custom Bake-Off Apron


Judging will be performed by Nicole Caromano and TBD

Submissions will be judged on 3 factors, with a possible of 10 points in each:

  • Taste
  • Presentation
  • Creativity

The entry with the most points will win.

General Requirements

  1. Entries may be no bigger than 18″x 18″ (smaller is ok though!)
  2. Entries must be 95% edible (for example you may use skewers or supports to steady your cake, but you cannot have the bottom 2 layers be Styrofoam just to add height.) You may use interesting or unusual items to display your cookies, pies, or cakes, but the edible items should be the star of the show.
  3. A list of ingredients must accompany each entry.
  4. Please refrain from using copyrighted materials or images (this includes images printed on edible paper)
  5. All items must be made by the person entering the contest. Do not use pre-made decorative items such as gumpaste flowers, leaves, candy eyes or rice-paper buttlerflies. Pre-made candies, sprinkles, and fondant ARE allowed, as well as molded decorations which were created by the contestant.
  6. By entering this contest, the creator of the entry is giving the Marple Public Library permission to photograph and publish information on the edible creation and its creator (You may opt out of having your name or picture displayed publicly)
  7. Your dessert must reflect a winter or holiday theme
  8. Do not submit anything which requires refrigeration. Entries must be able to sit at room temperature for 3-4 hours without collapsing or going bad.

Contest Day

Check-in is between Noon and 12:30pm on Saturday Dec 15th, 2018. All entries must be in the building by 12:45pm or they will not be judged. At 1pm the bake-off entries will be open for public and Judge viewing. After the initial viewing, the judges will be seated and you will be asked to bring samples of your dish to them. They may ask you some questions about method, inspiration, and flavor.

After tasting and viewing the judges will submit their scores. While the final scores are being tallied contestants are encouraged to share their creations with visitors and other contestants. The Library will provide hot chocolate and other holiday drinks.

Once the final scores are tallied, winners will be announced and prizes distributed.