Guest Artist

Marple Port D6  Dance is artwork, the stage is a canvas and the dancers paint.


The Marple Public Library is pleased to announce noted photographer Rick Prieur as our Guest Artist for January and February. The theme for this exhibit is classical ballet. The 22 photos on display are visually immediate and aesthetically intimate. Indeed, they celebrate the many ways in which ballet, as an art form, brings beauty into our world and reminds us of the joy of living and expressing ourselves.


In the words of the guest artist, “The fragile art of ballet captures in silent but beautiful motion the complexities of human life, the variety of human beings, and the subtleties that go to make up our own existence. During your visit you will experience ballet from a totally new perspective. You will see the language of ballet is indeed one of dramatic gesture”.


He added “I want you to see what I see through my lens in one moment in time during a performance. The photos offer a moment that can never be duplicated. The camera captures for you a moment in time that immediately becomes the past. In this exhibit you will find the images are quite different from watching a performance because each moment is rarely obvious to you as a member of the audience. But once I click the camera I save the precious moment for you. Each photo offers visual proof of the beauty these dancers create because ballet is the art of being elegant.”


For the photographer wishing to capture the art of ballet within a moment there is no such thing as an almost perfect photo. Either it is perfect or it is not. Each photograph on exhibit is an individual story of commitment, dedication and sacrifice by the dancer. It was the Russian born, Kirov ballet trained choreographer who once quipped, “ In life there are two paths to happiness, and ballet is one of them”. Clearly these dancers now on exhibit chose ballet.


Rick hopes his photos offer you, our guest, unique insights into what they are accomplishing on stage. He offers the dancers the inspiration to dance and soar and fly with their dreams.


This exhibit is free and open to the public during regular library hours.

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